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GreenLine 401k Press Release Goes National

The GreenLine 401k press release titled “Greenline401k Now Offers a Solution for Companies and Business Owners to Keep Their Existing Employee Retirement Plans While Removing All Investment Fees” was picked up by 162 publications when it was released earlier this month on December 2, 2015.

Here is a good sample of the press release:
“Until recently, fixed Tax Sheltered Annuities were thought to only be available to individuals and public K-12 teachers inside of their employer sponsored 403B Plans. However, Alvin Parra, a former Congressional Legislative aide and founder of Greenline401k fought hard to make it easier for employers and Third Party Administrators to offer private sector employees the option to choose a fixed indexed Tax Sheltered Annuity inside of their 401k plans, pension plans and defined benefit plans (alongside their current Mutual fund company).”

The press release was officially released to and the full version is available here. Our thanks go out to GreenLine 401k advisor, Mark Goldfinger for helping make this happen and his work on the project. Mark Goldfinger is passionate about helping individuals and businesses save for retirement the smart way– with protected assets and no-fees.

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